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See below for FAQs for specific questions book a Discovery Call so I can answer them all.

1. Can I use this for multiple rooms?

  • To keep things streamlined, we recommend discussing your challenges about the rooms that are to be designed right away. This helps you to get clarity on immediate direction of your project as two hours go by very quickly. However if the entire floor is being remodeled or rooms that flow into each other, for example the living, dining room & kitchen.

2. Can the consultation be online?

  • Yes, we do offer virtual design services however the Full Service option is on site only.

3. What if I need more time? Absolutely!

  • You can purchase additional time at $150/ hr.

4. What's included in the Consultation?

  • You get a summary of what we talk about, the space we address, the challenges you're facing and the potential solutions that we discuss. If you move ahead with the Data Collection + Research & Design Phase, a Scope of Work is established from this Consultation Summary.

5. Can I reschedule my time?

  • Yes you can. There is no fee for canceling or rescheduling.

6. Are appointments refundable?

  • No, once the appointment has been paid for its not refundable. You can reschedule it or give it to a friend.