HOME Consult

$400 CAD

(Plus applicable taxes)

HOME CONSULT - getting to know you

After the 'Discovery Call' if our timelines align and you like our systems you purchase the Home Consult, pick the option of online or in person. The Home Consult is your opportunity to tell us everything you want in your dream space, your lifestyle, your investment goals, our limitations and of course your aesthetic preferences. While we're getting to know you in depth you get to know our processes, our initial thoughts on your projects, while we dig deeper to understand your WHY, we assess the potential and limitations of the property, realistic investment goals, go over your wish list and discuss every thing that you want to about your space.

We're here to help, however you need us, in-person or virtual.

Lets get started on the journey to your dream space!


note: for efficient use of our time during the consult, we focus on the rooms that you're planning to work on right now. Walking around other rooms will take the focus off the essential conversations.

Follow 5 Simple Steps to Book your Home Consult:

  1.  Purchase this package
  2.  Schedule the Consultation
  3.  Gather a few Inspiration Images
  4.  Discuss Level of "Investment" with all parties involved

(You MUST have had a Discovery Call with us prior to a consult )

note: * all packages are suitable for one room *

What to Expect from the Initial Consult:

  • You'll get up from 60 - 120 mins in-person or virtual consult to discuss only space you're ready to work on right away. This ensures you get the best value for your investment. Walk through of the entire home is only recommended if you're planning an entire home remodel.

  • This consultation should benefit YOU as much as possible, so if that means offering design advice, showing us how you live in the space, and/or learning more about our 'next steps' or 'H5 Luxury Full Service Design' options, we can work on whatever works best for you. If you have specific expectations for what you'd like to accomplish, please let us know so we can best serve you. During this consult, Naveed will ask a lot of questions, take notes and also take photos so that she can share these with her team. This also helps her to continue to 'Harmony Design Plan', or Hearty Plan our team will write up any notes from our discussions and directly email them to you in a PDF file, so that you can reference them at your convenience.

  • You'll also have access to 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Remodel.