Designer Home Staging Consult


The Home Staging Consult is an on-site or virtual walk-through of your home to give ideas so you can make some extra dollars by attracting the right buyers. You show us your home starting from the main door so we can tell how and what to improve.

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Follow these 5 steps to prepare for your Home Consult:

  1.  Purchase this package

  2.  Schedule the consultation

  3.  Discuss the financial investment with all parties involved

  4.  It's time to get the ROI on your investment.

  5.  Book the Home Staging Transformation Package

< Feel free to book a Discovery Call prior to purchasing this consult OR just purchase the Designer Home Staging Consult if you're ready to start >

What to Expect from the Consult:

  • You'll get a virtual or in-person walk-through, for 60 to 120 minutes of your home starting from the main door. This allows us to see how the buyer feels when they enter the home, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

  • This consultation should benefit you as much as possible, so list any negative elements that you see in your home and we will provide solutions and ideas.

  • Naveed will ask lots of questions, and give tons of valuable advice, remember she's been doing this for the past 10+ years. Please take detailed notes and your action list for each room.

  • After the consult an all inclusive quote is provided or implementing the ideas for the Home Staging Transformation Package. This may include the rental of furniture & accessories + any additional work that is required + Styling + Delivery.

  • You sit back and enjoy the transformation for optimum ROI.